Are you new to Instagram? Are you frustrated by a handful of likes for every photo you post? That is a challenge that is more common than you would believe. Growing a strong follower base is a task that is challenging but totally worth it in the end. There is also a category of Instagram users who have been on the platform for a while but seem to lack the extra zing that it takes to grow a large follower base.
Just like any other engagement, getting a huge following on social media is something that requires planning as well as consistency. The secret lies fully on the kind of engagement you have established with your followers. A lack of zeal after gaining a following will automatically translate to unfollowing because after all who want to waste their time? You don’t have to always buy Instagram followers. Below are 20 tips tried and proven to give you the extra push you need to gain a following:
1. AreSocial
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2. Ask questions on your captions
There is no greater way to engage followers than to actively engage your followers. ask Open-Ended questions that allow the users to state their opinion and to feel heard.
3. Engage one on one in the comment section
Users like feeling heard and listened to, therefore take time to like the comments and to reply to questions directed at you.
4. Consistently post new photos or random updates.
With social media, consistency is what will keep you at the top of the chain. Given the algorithm ensures newer posts appear at the top, the more you post the more visible you will be.
5. Make use of the instant button
Stories on Instagram have higher visibility compared to the posts. Focus on renewing your stories every so often as this may convert to followers.
6. Quality over quantity
More posts do not equate to more followers. Focus on posting relevant photos even if they are not many. The point is to ensure that every post is meaningful. Integra doesn’t need to see photos of your brunch.
7. Invest in high-quality photography
The first thing to capture any user would be a high-quality portfolio. Attractive well-lit photos will cover up for the use of filters. Invest in good editing apps to ensure your followers are intrigued by steal-worthy images.
8. Quote images never hurt anyone
Every so often posts an image with a quote. A little motivation or encouragement and sometimes a call to dialogue. Everyone needs encouragement from time to time and it would be great to get some on your page.
9. Behind the scenes is where we want to be
Every once in a while, throw it down and show us the real face, make up free, hair was undone. While users like perfection, relatability is still totally attractive.

10. Share images of your followers’ images relating to you. This builds their visibility while encouraging the same for you.

11. Create a personal hashtag TM relevant to you and your followers.
Something like #Ktribe
This creates a small community which broadens the reach of your brand.
12. Follow all your friends on Facebook!
Why else do you have 500 friends on Facebook? This is a quick way to get free Instagram followers.
13. Promote your account for greater reach
If you want to appear on the whole worlds explore page, consider seeking promotion of your account. More and more people will stumble on your page if you have good images then for sure a couple of them will follow
14. Network with Instagram influencers
Seek out influencers in your region and meet up. Attend the regular meet and greets and build your network. Don’t forget to tag them when you are in the same place. The likelihood of you making a cameo on their page is doubled and this converts to more followers.
15. Do a giveaway
If there is one thing we all like, it is probably free things. Create a challenge that involves them following you and tagging two of their friends. This is the smart way of building a follower base and reward only one.
16. Use hashtags known to increase Instagram followers
These include; #followback #likeback
17. Use certain hashtags which are most commonly searched for.
These are the likes of: #love #tbt #10yearchallenge
18. Post photos on Sunday
Why? Sundays are relaxed days hence most people will be on their feeds. More than that, however, Sundays generally have fewer posts hence you will reach more people.
19. Go on a liking spree
Schedule an hour two to randomly like and comment on random photos. The great news about this hour of your day is that at least 505 of the people whose photos you will have liked will follow you back.
20. Stay relevant to your niche
Make yourself an expert on a specific niche and be the best at it. If you choose to focus on motherhood, give it all your focus, whether your passion is travel or food, there is never enough enthusiasts. The better you are at something the more likely you are to come up when your niche is searched.
Growing a fan base is not easy. Deliberate attempts should be made in planning and executing your plan. Make use of all your other social media platforms to show your Instagram page. Post an interesting story ever so often to promote sharing of your post. In your bio make sure to include all the links relevant with an apt introduction, brief and to the point.
A great idea would be to create an email list. Use the mailing list to notify subscribers of new posts or promotions.
** BONUS **
21. Like hundreds of random pictures from people in your target audience. Neil Patel has used this strategy and found that for every 100 likes he did of random pictures, he received 6.1 more followers. The AreSocial Tool in position 1 is great for this.
Consistency is the key to gaining more Instagram followers.