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Is it safe to buy Instagram followers on buy-followers.uk?
Yes, we offer safe and secure checkout. Your privacy is our priority.

How do I get a Instagram followers or likes?
Simply fill-out the forms on our site and complete an order and our system will take care of you according to Instagram followers or Instagram likes.

How long does it take to complete an order?
Under normal circumstances, most orders will be completed within 1-10 hours. Order ETAs depends on the quantity Instagram followers ordered or how many Instagram likes.

How can I get extra 10% followers which you promised with every purchase?
All come with our 10% free overfill. This will be added automatically after the order is completed.

How long I can get free refill?
You can get a free refill for upto 60 days after the purchase. After the 60 day period, we will NOT give any free refill.

What is the best way to contact a member of staff if I have questions?
You can visit our “contact us” page or chat with us 24/7 via chat on the right of the screen.

I ordered a couple of days ago but I haven’t recieved my followers.
First of all please make sure your instagram profile isn’t not on private. If your account is set to private it will not receive followers. Once you have changed it contact us via email, if this wasn’t the case please chat to a member of staff on our live chat.

In order to receive followers do I have to follow 4 follow?
No! this is a one way follow.