Thanks to the new feature, Instagram users will now have the ability to publish a post to multiple accounts simultaneously. Although it has faced years of resistance from co-founders of Instagram Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, buzzes that Instagram was developing a native “self regram” tool began popping up late last year.
In the past, users had to either repost the content manually on their desired accounts or apply a third-party repost app. Fortunately, a few days ago, Instagram verified the reports to TechCrunch, proclaiming that they will roll out the feature to offer a better experience for users who usually post to different accounts. The new feature will surely help users save some time.
That said, here is what you need to know about the new features on Instagram:
Available on iOS only
This feature is, unfortunately, being made available on the iOS app for the social network. Instagram has not revealed when this new ability will be featured on Android, but it would not be surprising if it ensues in the next few months.
How to Post to Multiple Instagram Accounts at the Same Time
Since the ability to publish posts to multiple Instagram accounts at the same time is set to begin in the coming days, it is vital that you understand how to run it. After accessing the feature, you will find an option to “Post to Other Accounts” just before you share your new post. The feature will appear on the same screen where you add your tags and caption.
You will be able to toggle different profiles “on.” By doing that, the post you are formulating will be shared with every one of those accounts.
The challenging factor
A crucial aspect to note is that you will not be able to change the post for the multiple accounts, which you are posting to. The video or photo, tags, and caption will be the replica for each of the accounts that you will toggle “on.” Inopportunely, TechCrunch indicates that this feature might prompt a shift towards more generic posts. Most users will possibly opt for the easy route by thoughtlessly sharing identical content across all-feeds to get more followers likes.
Our Recommendations
To curb the challenging aspect of this feature, here are some of our recommendations:
Share in similar communities only
It is recommended that you use this feature only if you are publishing a post to accounts with a similar category of Instagram followers. For instance, if you are managing various travel-related Instagram accounts, posting the same content to multiple accounts simultaneously can be an excellent way of saving time. Conversely, when the accounts you manage have a very different set of followers, employing this new feature is probably not the best idea.
Use the feature sparingly
Even when managing numerous similar accounts, posting a similar video or photo to all of them can be depicted as laziness and lack of ingenuity. Thus, it is vital to customize repurposed posts for your different communities. You can try writing a new caption, using different hashtags, or even applying a different filter.
In conclusion, the new Instagram feature allows users to manage multiple business, personal, or creative accounts and publish content across different Instagram followers simultaneously. That will not only save time but will also save efforts in the process.