Great changes are sweeping across the corridors of the Youtube community. Significant in this overhaul is the way future strikes will be administered.

Known as community guidelines strikes, the rules elaborate on the kind of punishment that is set for creators of offensive videos such as those with graphic violent content, sexual content, and much more.

This is quite significant as it the first time in over a decade that such meaningful changes are taking place. According to Youtube, these changes are designed in such a way that simplicity, transparency, and consistency in the application of the rules and guidelines takes precedence.

Basically, the new system has as its sole purpose to educate all good actors within the Youtube community. This education touches largely on youtube’s policies, the community guidelines strikes, and how the strikes affect the violators.

Here are some of the changes that are expected to go into action for all youtube views.

Changes in the Three-Strike System

A number of rules are laid bare in the three-strike system, which spells out the type of strike that affects the creators of offending videos. For instance, creators who by any chance violate the guidelines will not receive any punishment or strike, in the new rules.

Instead, they are to receive a one –time warning. As part of the warning, the content that is under violation is removed from the channel. Other than that the violator will not suffer from any other penalty. The reason for this is to allow time for the offenders to learn, acquaint and be bound by the community guidelines.

Apart from the warning found in the three strike system, other changes include the application of consistency across the board. Until this time, the first strike attracted a 90-day live streaming freeze, while the second strike attracted a two –week upload freeze.

Now, the difference is that all strikes will now attract a temporary prohibition from all youtube activity. Previously it was just about upload freeze, but now this includes all content. From custom thumbnails to external links, stories, and everything else associated with the creator of the offending channel, all are affected.

Again, as the new guidelines take effect, the first strike will attract a one-week freeze on all uploads and live streaming and any other activity. The second strike attracts a 2-week freeze on all uploads, live streaming including all other activities on the channel. On the other hand, if the violator faces a third strike, it results into a termination of their channel.

Improvement in Communication Enforcement 

In the new guidelines, communication takes a significant role in ensuring that everything is as transparent a possible. For instance, when and if strikes occur, Youtube immediately sends out a notification to that effect.

Notifications are sent through email, mobile as well as desktop, with all details about the violation in question. You are also informed of the implications of the violations, and what options there are under such circumstances.

Options could include if there is any chance that the creator can appeal against the decision. Elaborate communication is laid out bare for the offending creator to understand, which basically includes Youtube ’s policy in regard to such violations.